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Our Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program provides ordained pastors an opportunity for
spiritual renewal, professional and leadership development, and focused theological
reflection on a specific area of ministry.

Program Learning Outcomes
A theological vision of pastoral leadership rooted in the Reformed tradition.
Advanced skills as pastors and preachers to better serve congregations.
Collegial relationships for sustaining a life of study and practice.
Renewal of faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to pastoral leadership.

Program Requirements
Prerequisite: a MDiv degree and three (3) years of prior ministry experience
Length of program: min. 3 years (6 full-time semesters), a minimum of 48 semester hours
Residence requirement: at least 32 semester hours at Chong Shin University in USA.
Students must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 for graduation.
An advanced professional dissertation is required for the DMin degree.
Curriculum: doctoral studies (32 hours), research (8 hours), thesis writing (8 hours)