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Our Bachelor of Theology (BTh) program prepares students for advanced study
in theology and ministry and for a variety of lay ministry roles.

Program Learning Outcomes
Explore the Scriptures from the historical, literary and theological perspectives.
Explore major doctrines and major historical events of the church.
Develop basic skills necessary for lay ministries.
Reflect on and apply biblical and theological truths in lay ministry settings.
Use theological knowledge for personal and spiritual development.

Program Requirements
Prerequisite: a high school diploma or GED
Length of program: 4 years (8 full-time semesters), at least 120 semester hours
Residence requirement: at least 60 semester hours at Chong Shin University in USA.
Students must have an overall grade point average of at least 2.0 for graduation.
BTh students are not required to write an undergraduate thesis for graduation.
Curriculum: general education (45 hours), theology (45), and electives (30)